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Promoting Aberystwyth Town Life

Helping students find properties in Aberystwyth…

Promoting Aber Town Life and great student properties

Whether you choose to live by yourself, your best friends or a large group, there are properties of every size, price and location.Aber Town & Gown is a partnership of private landlords and agents.We want to work together to promote what Aberystwyth has to offer for its students, as well as promoting great practices when it comes to your housing search. So, explore our website and find some advice on how to search for a house, what to do and when, those deposits and more. We also have some areas about Aberystwyth and will be including more in the future with local businesses and where you can find houses for rent for students.

If you do have any questions or worries, feel safe in the knowledge that you can contact us for an unbiased answer.

Local businesses are keen to make your years in Aberystwyth a positive experience: one where you can spread your wings with support when you need it and have freedom when you don’t. Not only do local businesses welcome students as customers and clients, but they also offer a range of employment opportunities to fit around their studies.